About us

We are Bulgarian company, combining a team of people with extensive experience gained over the years in the field of wrought iron. We are aspiring to leave behind the quality and valuable products. We produce classic models, artistic and innovative products that appeal to every taste and to fit every home, hotel or garden.

We are working on a catalog, your photo or specially prepared for your projects. We use the highest quality materials on the market. We work with so-called  "Ready to use elements" and with hand forged by master blacksmith details.
Painting and patina are also an important part of the overall look of wrought iron.

We work with classic black and white and all colors RAL. For the patina you can choose between green, silver, gold and copper, as well as various combinations between colors. Same product, painted and patinated in two different colors, looks quite different from one another.

Pay attention to the smallest details, to obtain beautiful and well-made products. Wrought iron is an art and our goal is to never forget that and make you its fans for life! Because articles of iron, if handled well, can stay forever!